About Zona 00 comics

Created more than a decade ago, at that time the new artist Ertito Montana created Zona 00 as a small imprint where he could publish his comics without the usual filters of conventional publishing house. What it began as a free fanzine became, thanks to the good reception of the public, in a small publishing in which to provide the reader of comics quality and better distribution.

While it's true that Zona 00 hasn't had the editorial production it would have liked, it has been present in the world of comic in one way or another with illustrations, short stories or mini-comics. Zona 00 Comics has always been known to make use of the new (now not so much) technologies, is always present on the Internet which is where more comfortable it feel, because of the total freedom of its thematics and publication dates.

In 2008, Ertito Montana contact with writer Roberto Corroto and they launch a new project: Sicarios, which will take nearly two years to take shape. Taking advantage of this new project, Zona 00 Comics reborn with strength becoming a new publishing model and launching the first issue of Sicarios (Olmito) in format of free webcomic.

Thanks to this editorial concept, Roberto and Ertito are contacted with artist David Lloyd (creator together Alan Moore of the quintessential V for Vendetta) offering them to participate in its online magazine Aces Weekly Sicarios have their own space in the Vol. 14 with the excellent work of KoH in color, publishing the first issue in English with very good reviews from the public.

Currently, Zona 00 Comics offers digital downloads at high resolution where one hundred percent of the proceeds go entirely to the (greedy) pockets of its authors, thus helping to finance the rest of stories that we are very proud to be presenting.Thanks for reading!

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Are digital comics are comics movement?

No, it's normal comic with cartoons and dialogues in PDF format, to view it from any digital device (computer, notebook, tablet and/or smartphone).

What genre are comics of Zona 00?

We are very fond of pulp adventure stories, action and science fiction. You will not find comics with social themes, or do you reflect on trascendent aspects. We especially like that people have a good time reading our stories.

Will there printed version of the comics?

We handle this possibility in the near future, launching singles issues collected in copies with good format, but for now we feel very comfortable working only in digital format. So we can offer the public the greatest possible number of stories, without the inherent limitations of traditional format like the distribution or delivery dates.

How I can buy comics that I like?

It is a very simple process. The first is to click on Download Comic. then displays a screen with the cover and synopsis of comics chosen, besides the price it costs to download. The following will be click on I want this! to access a third screen where you can choose the method of payment. Either the credit card to which you will fill in the information requested, or with a PayPal account by clicking on the button where it says PayPal. If you choose to pay by credit card, which is the default method, just put the card number, the expiration date of the same, your full name and CVV code, which is the last three digits at the back of the card. It then click on Pay and you will get a final screen where the purchase is confirmed, and even the ability to directly read or download the comic is offered. However, you must get an email in which you can also download the comic though you close your last screen process. If you choose to pay with PayPal account you just have to click on the button and put email and password to access the account and pay from there. 100% of money raised (minus taxes) goes directly to the authors can continue to provide more stories to readers.

Why do I get the purchase in dollars?

The platform uses Zone 00 comics for sales is foreign (Gumroad) and although the prices are in euros the final purchase you will be charged to your account in dollars in available at the time change, we make you a rough estimate but if you You want to save a Euro cents you can be aware of when buying foreign currency and the Euro higher.

I'm desperately poor but I love your comics.

Very poor you have to be to be unable to pay the price of our comics, but if so send us an email telling us your situation and promise to make some exceptions in specific cases.

My question is not listed.

For any further questions, management or technical problem, please contact us at the CONTACT section.